You will need to prepare a short mediation statement setting forth the facts of the dispute.


Preparing for the Mediation Session

Once you have decided on a mediation date you should review the facts of your case and interview all potential witnesses.  It is also a good idea to gather all relevant documents that support your position and make copies of them to give to Ms. Link before the mediation session. 

You will then need to prepare a short "mediation statement" up to five pages in length which should set forth the facts of the case, identify potential witnesses and documents, detailing any previous settlement negotiations and acknowledging your risks if the case were to go to trial.  This mediation statement must be faxed to Ms. Link and all other parties to the dispute one week before the mediation date.  If there are any items which you would like to keep confidential from the opposing side, you may submit a separate confidential statement to Ms. Link with this information.