Ms. Link is a certified, full-time mediator specializing in business, employment and real estate disputes.

Link Mediation

Link Mediation is a San Francisco Dispute Resolution Service that mediates cases in San Francisco, throughout the Bay Area and California, as well as, nationally and internationally.  Link Mediation guides parties who are in conflict through a systematic approach to resolving their dispute.  We work closely with the parties to develop a satisfactory solution that is custom tailored to meet their needs. Ms. Link

Mediator Elizabeth Link has been mediating cases since 2006 and she offers a fair and balanced approach to resolving complex commercial, business, employment, and real estate disputes.  Ms. Link has over 18 years of civil litigation experience which includes representing both plaintiffs and defendants in a variety of practice areas.  As a result, she is uniquely poised to provide a non-biased approach to the matter at hand.  In addition, Ms. Link has completed over 100 hours of mediation training at the American Arbitration Association and the world-renowned Center for Mediation and Law in Mill Valley, California. 

Link Mediation’s downtown San Francisco offices have several conference rooms available for use and can easily accommodate complex, multiple-party disputes.  Video conferencing and Internet access are available upon request.  In addition, Link Mediation has access to conference rooms throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, California, nationally and worldwide.